Do you know how to buy insurance at the best price?


Due to the rapid development of society, everyone's quality of life has improved, and everyone's awareness of insurance is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, it is not that everyone does not attach importance to insurance, but there are too many choices, they do not know where to start, and they are afraid of being deceived by others. So how to buy insurance is the most cost-effective?

1. Insurance is a product that protects the personal safety of the insured, do not treat it as a financial product, because many people when buying insurance, there are always people who sell insurance, promote some financial income insurance, tell him how much income this type of insurance has every year. In fact, this is deceiving you to buy some products that you will not use, it cannot protect your personal safety, so we cannot buy insurance as a financial product.The most important function of insurance is protection, if you buy insurance for financial purposes, it is a bit of putting the cart before the horse. In fact, those financial insurance are more used to fool people. Now regulators are also turning the tide, so we must avoid being deceived.

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2. Basic principles

Try to buy single-function insurance, because many insurance companies do some large and comprehensive products, in order to promote well, and then fool some people who do not understand insurance. However, these products are not only expensive, but also not in place to protect some core risk points. Only single-function insurance products can protect your core risk points,

3. If you want to buy insurance in the future, there are four types of insurance that you really need to pay attention to, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance.Accident insurance means that when you have an accident, the insurance company will pay you a part of the money to help you solve the financial crisis. This kind of insurance is very cost-effective, only a few hundred yuan a year can be insured, and its compensation amount is also very high, hundreds of thousands, so many people will choose to buy accident insurance first when buying insurance.

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The third medical insurance is to reimburse medical expenses, and the reimbursement amount and scope of ordinary medical insurance are too small, so most people will give themselves a medical insurance. Life insurance is a kind of insurance that the insurance company is responsible for compensating when the person dies or is completely disabled. Some of this kind of insurance, whether you suffer an accident or illness, the insurance company will have to pay for it. Generally, the person with the highest income in the family will buy life insurance.

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If we have little money left, accident and critical illness insurance must be purchased as a package, and then gradually health and life insurance as our income increases. If insurance is purchased separately in this way, not only is the coverage clear, but the overall cost of the purchase will be much less. By understanding the basics of these plans, everyone should be able to easily choose the right insurance product for them. The insurance company will then pay for your various risks and you will be able to earn and spend your money with confidence.