How to Become a Full-time Investor?


I know that investment is a very good strategy for you who want to become rich. The prerequisite for becoming a full-time investor is that you have worked for several years. In addition, you have accumulated enough funds and experience. I want to remind you that although you may gain a lot from becoming a full-time investor, you also need to face a lot of risks. Changes in the stock investment market greatly affect your earnings.

Before quitting your job, you need to master enough skills and have core investment ability.

The abilities you need to master are as follows.

First of all, you need to stabilize your emotions and be able to control your emotions within a range suitable for investment. For example, if your stock price falls to a very low level, you should not become panic stricken. What you need to do is adjust your mind and wait for a suitable opportunity to reduce the loss. If your stock is soaring, you need to convince yourself to calm down and wait for a while to see if it is the best opportunity to sell your stock.

As a full-time investor, you need to manage the possible risks and have the courage to take the risks that have occurred. For example, if you put a lot of money into a stock, you need to consider the worst case and estimate the probability of occurrence. If unfortunately the risk eventually occurs, you need to make up for the loss in time and reinvest in other stocks.

You need to learn some basic economic investment knowledge and the big events that actually happened in the financial market before. Through learning, you can roughly estimate the probability of the risk of your investment and make appropriate judgments.

When you want to officially become a full-time investor, you need to take specific actions to prepare for the next investment.

First, you need to develop a detailed business plan, including financial statements, your market strategy, legal licenses and technical support.

I suggest you not to start an investment company alone. You can work with other full-time investors to create an investment organization. You can jointly bear the loss and legal liability of the company after the risk occurs.

Before you invest money, you need a mentor. You need to understand that you can communicate with successful investors to gain investment experience. The advantage of consulting a mentor is to avoid knowing too little and being opinionated.

You need to be honest with these people to get the solution you need from their point of view. The opinions of the tutors are generally objective and constructive. What you need to do is to summarize their suggestions to you and abstract them into your business model.

You need to maintain a certain amount of capital investment in human capital. This behavior can help you harvest income other than stocks.

In a word, becoming a full-time investor requires your comprehensive abilities in many aspects. Besides, you even need some luck.