Tips For Choosing Health Insurance


With the arrival of the cold, the season of flu and colds also arrives. For this reason, there are many who decide at this time to take out private medicine insurance . For 77% of the people who consider it, the main reason is speed when receiving medical care, according to the 2015 Private Health Barometer. However, since every health insurance policy is unique, there are a few factors you should examine before making a purchase.

Prioritize your specific medical needs

Not all people have the same medical needs. If you are one of those who frequently go to the doctor, it is likely that you should take out health insurance without copayments , with a monthly premium that includes all medical services. On the other hand, if you don't usually go to the doctor's office a lot, insurance with copayments or a scaled one may be better for you , whose premium is cheaper, but you pay a fee each time you receive a service. You also have to assess whether you need face-to-face care or prefer to have a medical chat available in the health insurance to solve any complications. On the other hand, there arereimbursement insurance that allows access to all medical services, regardless of the insurer to which they belong, or policies that do not include hospitalization coverage. Pay attention to the characteristics of each one and choose the most suitable one for you based on your medical needs. Depending on the option you choose, the insurance will have a higher or more affordable price.

Consider your employment situation

You will not need the same insurance if your work activity is risky or you work in an office. Therefore, it is important to take into account your profession, as well as your employment regime, especially if you are a civil servant. If you work for yourself or in a private company, you can take out your health insurance individually without paying too much attention to your employment situation. On the other hand, the health insurance for civil servants is different. Some public employees belong to the Special Social Security Regime (MUGEJU, ISFAS or MUFACE) and each year they must choose between enjoying the public health system or opting for private health. Another point to take into account are the tax advantages of health insurance, which allow you to deduct part of the premium in your income statement.

Check the insurer's medical chart

If you have been recommended a certain doctor or you want to have the option of going to a specific hospital, before contracting health insurance you should look at the insurance company's medical list. If the one you are looking for is not included in their medical list, you will have to look for another insurer that includes it, decide whether to pay for the consultation individually or to be refunded.

Attention to pre-existing diseases

When you get health insurance, your insurance provider will probably require you to complete a questionnaire about your current health. They'll undoubtedly ask pertinent questions. In this way, the insurance provider evaluates the risk of providing coverage for you, determines whether to do so or not, and uses the information as a guide to determine your premium and if you require insurance for critical illnesses. In addition, some insurers exclude pre-existing conditions from the policy.that you can have This means that even if you are insured, the treatments derived from the disease you suffered before taking out the policy are not covered and you have to assume them separately.

Compare prices and coverage of different health insurance

There are many reasons to take out health insurance: speed and agility in health care, direct access to specialist doctors, free choice of doctors and hospitals... However, for 53% of Spaniards, cost is the main disadvantage , according to the Index Life Barometer 2015. To avoid paying more for a Medical policy, there are tools that allow you to save as much as possible by contracting the best medical insurance . The Rastreator health insurance comparator is one of them. With it, you can locate the kind of policy you're seeking for and get the correct protection at the most affordable price.