Employment Prospect Bright or Tight Competition in Finance?


There are lots of types of financial companies, wages and benefits at the different companies are widely gap. Some enjoys higher payment other obtains very lower only competing with the basic living allowance.  

In terms of the per capita salary, the wages of financial industry rank definitely the highest among all industries in China. If you are confident enough and think you are capable to earn more, the jobs at the financial companies are probably the best choice for you to consider.


However, please don’t celebrate too early, the competitions in financial industry is more fierce and tough than you think. What you have to spare no efforts is to fight for the platform and resources. Even though you think you work hard than others, you cannot say you will obtain what you wish, but the food and basic payment are good to support yourself, however, if you want to do very well on your job, you are supposed to cope with the job with the right people, at right time and at right place.

The salary in financial companies vary largely, the senior managers probably enjoy annual return around ¥10million RMB while new comers like greenhands maybe only take ¥3000RMB by month. Now we will talk about the normal salary in this industry in the second-line cities.

First, the salary level at bank ranks the lowest among its four counterparts, the pays at the joint-stock bank and the rural commercial bank grows slightly, these employees’ salary range are from ¥150,000RMB to ¥250,000RMB annually.


Second, the employees in Insurance companies are mostly working to sell the insurance products, besides enjoy the basic pay ¥3000RMB to ¥6,000RMB,other gains are mainly from their selling commission fee.


Third, the people in Trust companies will earn much higher, combing the basic wage around ¥10,000RMB and the commission fees.

Fourth, the salary of brokers deeply rely on the transactions they help their clients deal with at the stock market, one is provided by the company as a basic fee¥4,000-¥6000 more or less and the other commission fees of the deal. If you are excellent broker and perform very well, the annual pay at one million RMB is achievable and predictable. However, with the commission fee slide down, the brokers’ income has to encounter a big shrank accordingly.
Although the pay at the brokerage is higher than its counterparty, you have to keep in mind that the professional knowledge, hands-on experiences and mature thought are also required to fulfill.

Of course, if you are really interested in the job at stock market, and want to be somebody, maybe the certificates CPA and Legal Professional Qualification will possibly be helpful for you in your career so you need to take times to study those courses seriously.


Finally, the payment of jobs at the funds company is a little lower than at private investment but both of them prefer to hire experienced interviewees so that the qualified staff will be quickly into the work after check-in and help the companies to earn profits.

All in all, no matter where you will pick up for yourself, you should be sensible to the goal you want to reach and then move on and on until you touch it. Good luck on your way to success.