6 Things You should know before buying Insurance!!!


For modern Chinese women, many of them not only play the roles of daughters, wives, mothers and office workers, but also bear the burden of entering the workplace, giving birth and family, and encounter various changes and risks. Internet big data also shows that in recent years, the number of women buying insurance has increased rapidly, and there are significant differences in purchasing hobbies among women of each age group. For this period of women, how to buy a good insurance? Here are three different kinds of perspectives:


6 Things You Should Know Before buying Insurance

Buying insurance is also important for risk protection. Although there are many kinds of insurance design products in the market, and the rate of iterative update is changing faster and faster, the prerequisite of risk protection remains unchanged and responds to all changes. In order to better peel off the mask of insurance purchase, we analyze how to choose insurance from six levels:

1. Order of purchase: disease insurance first, life insurance later and others

Major risks, though small, can completely destroy a family if they occur. If WHAT had an accident is domestic economy develops support, make the whole family is in despair very LIKELY, carry HIGH debt for a long time, EVEN worse. Major risks such as these, which no one can afford, require insurance. Will TELL IN THE LIGHT OF PERSON ACCIDENT INSURANCE INSURANCE, WANT THE PRIORITY CHOICE SAFEGUARD CANNOT UNDERTAKE "MAJOR RISK SEX", FOR EXAMPLE SERIOUS DISEASE, DEATH OR TOTAL RESIDUAL, ACCIDENT RESIDUAL. Do not need to be convenient, eager to succeed, specialized and refined insurance package content cost-effective package is very low.

2. Amount of insurance: the amount of serious disease insurance is less than 300,000 to 500,000 yuan

Is buying the serious disease insurance that is how many insurance amount just calculate effective avoid a risk? With full consideration of accounting terminations in the event of illness, the level of medical and recovery costs, and future inflation issues, the proposed insurance amount should be as little as 300,000 to 500,000 yuan. The amount of insurance is sufficient, can give you sufficient confidence, will not give the family economic pressure.

3. Time limit selection: lifetime OR regular

There is no need to abandon the amount of insurance in pursuit of the perfect coverage period. If the cost budget is sufficient, the priority is to choose the lifetime consumption serious illness insurance which is highly recommended. Families with insufficient budget can choose products suitable for lifelong serious diseases when they are able to pay and work adequately.

4. Total number of diseases: 50 and 100 -- Is more good?

Does the critical illness insurance cover as many illnesses as possible? Wrong! Do not blindly follow the trend of choosing serious illness insurance based on the total number of illnesses. Because of product market competition, life insurance companies continue to increase the total number of insured diseases. However, in terms of incidence, the 25 major diseases classified by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission account for about 95% of the total incidence. If the product is expensive because it covers too many inconsequential illnesses, the customer should think twice. Naturally, with insurance costs and other benefits equal, the more sickness the better.

* Supplementary: When purchasing the product, it is proposed to consider whether the category of insurance coverage covers the previous diseases of the family members.


5. Death liability: Critical illness vs. Term life -- specialized


6. Compensation frequency: can take multiple claims into account, but must act according to one's ability

Judging from the current incidence of major diseases, the role of ranking multiple compensation for major diseases is limited. However, with the development of clinical practice, more and more serious diseases are likely to be cured, or the survival time is greatly prolonged, so the incidence of a variety of serious diseases is also increasing. Look now, the price of the serious disease insurance that settles a claim for many times is more expensive, the future is likely to play a higher role fully. We must take into account the social and economic situation and the medical records of the large family, choose the appropriate products, do not have to pursue the perfect product guarantee responsibility, affect the quality of life.

Second, theory: What kind of insurance should we buy actually


1. Millions of medical insurance

Millions of medical insurance is a kind of expense reimbursement type of consumer insurance. Every year THE insured only needs to pay a few hundred dollars of insurance cost, can enjoy the medical security of less then one million, more IS millions. The coverage of the Million Yuan medical insurance is not limited to the type of disease. Only those who seek medical treatment in a medical organization with limited products can receive reimbursement for hospitalization, surgical treatment, medical treatment and drug expenses. In addition, the insurance coverage has many limits, such as private hospitals, imported drugs, excellent treatment costs are not covered. Millions of medical insurance coverage category, high compensation limit, a very good solution to this problem. Millions of medical insurance insurance cost is low, high cost performance, can choose millions of medical insurance as the first security.

* Indicates that the premium for millions of medical insurance will increase every year, and there is no guarantee of long-term renewal, and it is only applicable as a supplement to the insurance. Therefore, we must have serious illness insurance.

2. Serious disease insurance

About serious illness insurance, everybody recommends consumption-type serious illness insurance first. There is no need to rush into returnable critical illness insurance. Because they are 30% less expensive than consumer critical illness insurance. If CHARGE BUDGET IS LIMITED, MAKE A COST WITH ABANDON INSURANCE AMOUNT ONLY, INSURANCE ALSO LOST THE USE VALUE THAT SAFEGUARD. When BUYING, WANT TO CHOOSE TO PAY FEE TIME IS LONG, CAN GET MORE INSURANCE AMOUNT WITH LESS and LESS INSURANCE COST IN THAT WAY.

3.The insurance cost is very low, the protection is high, in view of the love holiday travel accident insurance or often go out of the female friend, propose to buy a. According to the payment method divided into one year, and long term. If INSURANCE AMOUNT IS ABUNDANT, THE ADDITIONAL MONEY THAT BUYS INSURANCE WHEN SAVING TRAFFIC ACCIDENT INSURANCE EVEN.

4. Term life insurance

Regular LIFE INSURANCE IS TO POINT TO PROMISE ACCORDING TO INSURANCE CONTRACT NAMELY, IT IS TO PAY A STANDARD WITH DEATH, COMPLETE INCOMPLETE COMMONLY, AND THE LIFE INSURANCE THAT PROMISES DEADLINE IS INSIDE INSURANCE. Term life insurance has four advantages: ① the guarantee time optional; ② the amount of protection is high; ③ High cost performance; ④ Health information is more relaxed. Now that Chinese women's social and economic influence in the family is gradually increasing, and many women are also responsible for a large amount of family income responsibility, it is also necessary to have a matching term life insurance policy. Term life insurance is proposed to cover less than five years of income.

Three, actual combat: thirty - year - old women security plan composition design

Based on the above analysis, I think we should use product evaluation. First, we should choose products with high cost performance within the budget and match the personal situation with the demand. And the actual design of the following three types of support plans:

1. Basic version

2. Upgraded version

3. Deluxe Edition

It should be noted that insurance is also constantly updated, and new products will be more in line with the requirements of the industry market. Inflation is also constantly eroding the specific guaranteed use value of the insurance amount. Because CHARGE BUDGET PROBLEM BEFORE, BUY INSURANCE AMOUNT IS INSUFFICIENT, OR SAFEGUARD DID NOT EQUIP SOUND, MUST REMEMBER TO ADD IMMEDIATELY WHEN CHARGE BUDGET IS RICH PROTECT.


Buy insurance important also is risk safeguard, safeguard MUST place in the first place. There is no one product that works for everyone. Therefore, before purchasing insurance, it is necessary to analyze the product insurance cost, protection benefits, health information and other aspects of the elements, from which to find out the effective components of insurance. Suitable for their own, is better.