How the elder do manage their own money?


There is old saying in China that we raise the children when they are in young while they would take care of us in return when we are aging.

In fact, there is a large gap between the old and the young on the retirement, especially in the recent years. According to a piece of uncompleted statistics, about more than 200million the elder lives in China, it almost accounts for 40% of the total population. Among the elder, there are nearly half of the population cannot live very well due to without enough saving and investment available for use. With the development of the society, the fast pace of living and the high pressure of working, the young don’t like to give a birth at all. They prefer to remain a Dink Family. So the concept of investment and financial management for the elder becomes more and more popular among us. Thanks to the encouragement of national policies and the increasing awareness of young people, the financial management has gone up to a higher level than two decades ago.

In recent years, our country has issued a series of incentive policies for parents to invest and finance, the elder and the young are interested in receiving professional guidance and then make a proper investment plan for themselves.

Even some companies build up Apps and investment platforms for the public to know the various of investment products and activities. The young prefer to funds, bond, stocks and virtual currency while the elder like to save the money and buy kinds of insurances. Obviously, the elder are more likely to buy products with lower risk and relatively higher income. As long as the risk control and profit returns match each other, the elder would like to satisfy with their own investment and financial goal. Now let us take the elder as example to show if there is good advice for them.

The investment mode of the elder is mainly focusing on the insurances and personal saving, other options such as real estate, stocks, funds, bonds and other assets are also welcome but only few of them know how to manage and realize money-making-money plan. Thanks to the retirement fund and saving, the elder don’t heavily reply on their kids to support them, sometimes they also would do their best to assist the young generation in food, house rental or new property purchasing. When your parents plan to invest in real estate, you should be careful to remind them that the location of the property and help them evaluate its potential value in future. The marketing researching is a must and a professional suggestion is also required.

If your parents ‘financial are very well, you could assist them select insurances, like life insurance, accidental insurance, injury insurances and property insurance, etc. If the financial is not good enough to support and maintain comfortable living, the life insurance and illness insurance are supposed to prepare ahead. It not only reduces the possibility of asset losing and but also soften the burden on you if any illness or injury accident happened to parents.

No matter what the financial plan your parents are making, the investment risk cannot be ignored and should be controlled within your eyes.

Anyway, it is not easy job to take care of the elder and their money. Good arrangement and considerable investment will benefit a lot to you and your families. So it could be said that the young kids are the last safe-belt for the elder-parents. In a word, there are certain risks involved in investing activities, we cannot seek for the higher return and blind the existing of the risk and commercial fraud, so we should look for a relative safe investment with stable profit in return.